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I have been taking Stella’s yoga class for about two years now. I have taken other yoga classes with other teachers and I have to say that Stella’s approach and delivery has had the most impact on my life. Yoga has helped me release stress mentally and physically and has helped to provide relief from my continuous back pain. I truly enjoy every class, even the more challenging classes. Stella personalizes every class and it is clear she really cares about her students and their well being. Her calm and soothing approach leaves us walking away peaceful and serene. I would highly recommend anyone who has the opportunity to work with Stella, to seize that opportunity for their own good.
Greg Harada, age 31
Principal Systems Specialist, LA County Office of Education
Hacienda Heights, CA

Stella’s been providing yoga classes at LACOE for two years now and I’ve been so fortunate to be able to attend.  Stella has a wonderful capacity to both encourage me to reach further than I ever have before and yet honor and respect exactly where my body is.  I’ve appreciated her push and allow stance. Her deep acceptance and respect for each of us at whatever point we are allows us to mirror that approach toward ourselves.  The way in which she obviously lives what she teaches, spiritually and physically, is both inspirational and down-to-earth.
Fran Miller, age 69
EAP Marriage/Family Therapist, Employee Assistance Service for Education
Downey, CA

I’ve taken a yoga class before and I think Stella is the best. She constantly encourages us which makes me try harder. I’ve put my body into positions that I didn’t think was humanly possible! She gently corrects us when needed and she’ll modify a position for me to get the full benefit which I think is awesome. Stella rocks!
Geri Townsend, age 45
Division Secretary, Los Angeles County Office of Education
Downey, CA

I am a student of Stella’s and have been taking her yoga classes for 2 years.  Her teaching style embraces deep breathing with gentle movement and twists that open up the heart and clear the mind.  Stella has taught me more about living in the moment and letting go and slowing down, in a city that never sleeps.  I always leave her classes feeling aligned and balanced, in my mind and my body.  I take her teachings off the mat and into my day to day life. I work behind a computer 5 days a week and because of Stella and I am more aware of my posture and therefore have less tension and pain in my upper back and neck.  I have also taken her meditation workshops and have her as a massage therapist.  She is very knowledgeable and dedicated in her field of bringing a more balanced life to the individual.
Barbara Bunting, age 43
Digital Imaging Technician, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
Beverly Hills, CA

During the time I have taken yoga classes with Stella at my workplace, I have gotten stronger, gained more awareness of my body and lost weight.  Stella’s  classes challenge me and allow me to deepen my practice at my own pace.  She is a supportive instructor who meets each student where they are at, and provides an environment for each person to explore both the physical and spiritual elements of yoga.
Alexis Moreno, age  43
Research Analyst, Special Service for Groups
Downtown Los Angeles

Stella brings yoga into my everyday life — not just for the physical benefits, but the spiritual as well.  Her instructions and advice are offered with insight, humor, and patience; and her strength, openness, and humility serve as a role model for physical and emotional health, balance, and continuous growth.
Rod Freudenberg, Ph.D., age 61
Industrial Psychologist
Los Angeles, CA

My workout regimen used to consist only of lifting weights and long-distance running; however, I found that these two workouts conflicted.  After telling Stella about this, she provided me with challenging moves during our yoga practice that really enhance my muscle toning goals.  Stella has provided me a space where I can incorporate a full mind and body workout.  I also appreciate her attentiveness to my yoga poses; always making sure that I don’t hurt myself.  I would definitely recommend Stella to my friends who want to relieve stress but also get a great workout simultaneously!
Everardo Alvizo, age 30
Social Worker, SSG
Los Angeles, CA

Stella is truly a gift you give yourself, since I started taking yoga classes with Stella, my life has become so much more balanced, enjoyable, and meaningful. I have felt genuinely inspired and physically rewarded after every single class that I have taken with her. Her instructions are clear and she shows genuine kindness and respect for all of her students. Stella’s  sincerity and attention to individual student’s progress/needs always keeps me coming back for more! I cannot recommend her more highly, Stella is a gifted, brilliant teacher.
Debbie Zambardi, age 52
Grants Project Management, Los Angeles County Office of Education
Downey, CA

I want to take this time to thank Stella for introducing me to Yoga.  Although, I am not her best student and my attendance needs improvement, I can say she has opened my eyes to a very important life change. Each week as she walks us through the motions and reminds us to breathe she does it in a kind and caring way.  Stella’s verbal step by step instructions are clear and easy to follow. She has made my body move in ways I never thought possible. Her skills are such that all benefit…the beginner (me), as well as, the advanced yoga student.
Raymond Guilleaume, age 54
Director, Los Angeles County Office of Education
Downey, CA

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