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Why do people come to Stella for massage?

  • they’re suffering from pain/injury
  • want to pamper and treat themselves to something nice
  • helps them to manage stress/tension
  • need nurturing
  • feel safe with and trust Stella

With massage therapy, Stella works similarly on a very intuitive level. There’s a lot more trust and vulnerability involved because of the intimate contact from healer to patient. It is an art form that requires her to be very quiet inside so she can listen, observe, and feel all that is going on with you: in the physical body as well as the emotional and spiritual body. The body cannot lie. Stress, trauma, and tension are all stored in the intelligence of the body and its muscles. Thus, it takes a certain amount of trust for the body to relax so it can release tension. Even though no words are spoken, she is listening and communicating through touch and receiving feedback through the your breath, muscles, and energy (chi). It is a delicate art form because of the subtleties involved. Just like yoga, she is giving you energy, and in return, also receiving and giving it back. Your energies are mingling and beautifully dancing together.

Massage styles and modalities:: Shiatsu, Swedish, Cranio-Sacral, Intuitive & Energetic Healing, Pre-Natal

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