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September 22 | Saturday | 11:30am-2pm | YogaGals’ Healing Nest Studio in Echo Park


A safe, gentle, and effective cleanse for you to rid your body of cravings, toxins, bloating, fatigue, foggy head, and low energy.

What You’ll LEARN:
1. What foods to buy and how to store them
2. How to cook grains and beans
3. How to cook vegetables
4. How to use spices and herbs
5. How to prepare meals that are easy, delicious, and fast

What You’ll Get:
1. The Alkaline Cleanse list and recipes
2. Life-long knowledge in how to care for yourself
3. Confidence in knowing how to do a cleanse properly
4. Resources to support you on your path to healthy living
5. Increased clarity, energy, happiness, and clarity


An exclusive new method of combining yoga & shiatsu massage therapy for partners to do with and for each other. Gentle, restorative yoga combined with pressure point and massage techniques for effectively releasing tension, stress, and pain.
Next workshop: TBD

Meditation and Vegetarian Dinner Gatherings

Think of this as a bunch of mini meditations. One technique at a time to lead you deeper into your psyche. You’ll be led through some breathing techniques and guided meditations. These easy and simple exercises are meant to guide you on how to stay centered and grounded as well as help you discover and uncover answers to receive clarity with any aspect of your life. This is to help you reaffirm and/or guide you to move forward with confidence in the right direction.You’ll be amazed at what you’ll discover and the ah-ha! moments that will magically appear.

Following your blissful experience, you’ll enjoy some homemade vegetarian fare and drinks. Delicious food and like-minded peeps…what more could you ask for?!
Next gathering: TBD at YogaGals’ Healing Nest Studio

Join Stella at The Stellar Kitchen…

Stella prepares meals with “fast and healthy” as a rule. The flavors and traditions of Asian cooking are kept by using simple, fresh ingredients while taste and nutrition are optimized through using the guiding principles of Ayurveda. Her unconventional yet practical approach is easy for anyone to cultivate their own culinary guru.
Next class: Secrets of Asian Cooking and Determining Your Body Type through Ayurveda…
TBD at YogaGals’ Healing Nest Studio

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