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Why do people come to Stella for cooking?

  • want to learn how to make quick, easy, and healthy meals
  • want to learn how to cook healthy food
  • want to learn about healthier food choices
  • want to learn different techniques of cooking
  • want to learn more about the principles of Ayurveda/asian cooking
  • want to learn more about the art of Asian cooking
  • want to eat healthier but don’t know how or where to start

Simple. Delicious. Fast. Healthy.
Stella prepares meals with “fast and healthy” as a rule. The flavors and traditions of Asian cooking are kept by using simple, fresh ingredients while taste and nutrition are optimized through using the guiding principles of Ayurveda. Her unconventional yet practical approach is easy for anyone to cultivate their own culinary guru.

Cooking for Your Body Type…Fall 2017

Are you at a loss for what to eat, how to cook, in knowing what’s good for your individual body type? Take the guessing game out and Stella will teach you how to figure out what your individual body type is and how to eat according to your lifestyle and season.

Stella’s uses the art of Asian cooking fused with the framework of Ayurveda (the sister science to Yoga) in teaching and empowering you to make informed and intuitive daily decisions about how your heal, sustain, and nourish the temple that is your body, mind, and spirit.


TO BE EMPOWERED…This is a practical and hands on approach to empower you to make better and more conscious choices on a daily basis. It will give you the tools and the confidence to take charge of your health and know what to do. You’ll get fresh and new ideas around food and how to prepare it. You’ll also get insightful information around health maintenance practices that are rarely ever discussed or even known!

ANCIENT WISDOM…Ayurveda is an ancient wisdom from India that means: the science of life. It addresses each person’s individual body type and you’ll learn the basics of this science as a foundation to apply it to yourself. We’ll be using this as our framework throughout the class and to address what’s going on in your life. Again, because it addresses YOUR particular body type, it’ll empower you to make informed choices for better nutrition and overall health and lifestyle choices.

TO LEARN EASILY…Stella breaks down the material and the cooking portion step-by-step. It’s all very do-able and simple and anyone can do this for themselves!

TO BE INTUITIVE…By building confidence you gain trust in your own skills to guide yourself, you’ll be able to use your intuition based on how you’re feeling and get in touch with what your body needs. This is the fun part of it all!

PERSONAL ATTENTION…This will be a small group of a maximum of 10 people. The foundation of all you’ll learn will be based on your own personal body type/constitution. Based on this knowledge, you will learn how to take care of yourself (covering aspects besides nutrition). For example, which natural oils to use for your body and face based on your body type and which supplements to take for additional issues or maintenance. It’s all practical and you’ll also get support within the group as well as from Stella!…It’s your own personal community.


This program has been thoughtfully designed with group calls in conjunction with the practical cooking classes to offer you more support on your journey. It also helps to hear what others are going through and discovering as you all learn the material together.  

Lesson #1…Initial group call (1-hr): Basics of Ayurveda + Overview of different body types + How to care for your particular body type

Lesson #2…Cooking Class #1 : Connect what you’ve learned on our call and learn how to apply it to your food! This is a foundational class in shifting HOW you see and eat food and EASILY TRANSFORM your food into delicious, creative, and beautiful meals that will delight your senses!

Lesson #3…Group call (1-hr): address any questions and issues arising from 1st week of practice

Lesson #4…Cooking Class #2 : Time to dive in DEEPER and get more CREATIVE! Learn how to combine foods in making several different meals. Learn how to save time while making tasty food!

Lesson #5…Cooking Class #3: CREATIVITY AT ITS PEAK! Going beyond basics, we’ll have fun whipping up meals that are fast, nutritious, and delicious! You’ll gain a sense of how the practice of the last 4 weeks will become automatic in your food choices and how you prepare them. This last class will address any questions/concerns that have come up during the last 4 weeks. We’ll tie in everything we’ve learned and cooked up until this point.


BEANS+GRAINS:how to properly prepare and cook beans/grains + spices for easier digestion & assimilation

CONDIMENTS: for supporting your body type, enhancing taste, and making it beautiful

SAUTÉ: basics of how to saute vegetables and how to incorporate spices

SNACKS: pick me ups during the day to support energy level and hunger

DESSERTS: easy to prepare desserts that will satisfy your sweet tooth without the sugar

CONSTRUCTING A BOWL: how to construct a bowl with all the different layers of cooking for a dynamic and nutritious meal that’s easy to prepare and packed with nutrition and taste!

FISH-POULTRY-MEAT: incorporating protein into meals and how to marinate and prepare

TEAS + BEVERAGES: using spices and herbs to support your health

SEA VEGETABLES: learn the different types and how to prepare and incorporate them into meals

ORDER OF FOODS: according to Ayurveda, there’s a particular order in how we eat our foods for proper assimilation and digestion as well as certain combinations of foods to avoid.


  • 2 Group Calls (2-hours total)
  • 3 Cooking Classes (7-hours total)
  • Cooking Kit (go home with essentials to start your journey right away!)
  • Tea Kit (spices and herbs for an ancient tonic)


  • Personal and private 30-minute consultation with Stella over FaceTime or Skype. Yoga & movement regimen customized to address any physical issues will be covered.
  • Support Group: Connection to a community of like-minded people
  • Life-time of knowledge and tools for a holistic lifestyle
  • Supplemental materials that include: what causes common ailments, how to reduce inflammation and why it’s important, and how to read labels and common ingredients to avoid on packages.
  • Recipes
  • Stella’s personal regimen of daily practices for overall body health maintenance


Is this the right class for you?? Schedule a free consultation… Email:

Cheers to a Healthy. Happy. Sexy. You.

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