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Cooking for Your Body Type & Nutrition On-Line Course: Fall 2017

Are you at a loss for what to eat, how to cook, in knowing what’s good for your individual body type? Well taking the guessing game out and Stella will teach you how to figure out what your individual body type is and how to eat according to your lifestyle and season.

Stella’s uses the art of Asian cooking fused with the framework of Ayurveda (the sister science to Yoga) in teaching and empowering you to make informed and intuitive daily decisions about how you heal, sustain, and nourish the temple that is your body, mind, and spirit.

Announcement: Congratulations!!!

After many years or studying, practicing, and teaching, I’m proud to announce that the healing combination of restorative yoga, pressure point techniques, shiatsu, gentle adjustments, cranio sacral, intuition, and inner guidance have led me to create a method called Yoga-atsu™ and now it is officially trademarked by the U.S. Trademark and Patent office!

Stay-tuned for partner workshops coming this Fall 2017 at a local studio near you.

The Stellar Life

I’m proud to announce that YogaGals is evolving with its next iteration as The Stellar Life where we can support you to live more holistically through on-line education and coaching as well as in-person privates for healing sessions/bodywork, yoga, nutrition and cooking classes. We’ll be more accessible to you in the convenience of your own home as well as meet you around the world as we take our partner and sensuality workshops around Los Angeles and worldwide…starting with a retreat in Mexico in Spring 2018!

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